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10 Most Expensive Pens In The World




Top 10 Most Expensive Pens In The World

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

Although, their sole function is to leave a mark on the paper, these pens that we are about to tell you about will leave a mark on your bank account.

That’s because they’re not any ordinary pens, but the most expensive pens in the world.

These luxury pens are a symbol of status and a popular form of investment these days as they are growing in price and popularity.

Today Prophets of Success presents to you the most expensive pens ever sold.

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lets start

10) Montegrappa – Ancient Mexican Civilisations Rollerball Pen 

This beautiful pen sports images of Ancient Mexican gods and Mayan architecture and has been inspired by Ancient Mexican Civilizations.

It is made of 18K gold and has intricate and beautiful patterns engraved on its gold body.

Only 20 of these pens exist in the entire world which is why they’re so exclusive and cost a whopping $143,000!

9) Montblanc – Bohème Royal Pen 

Montblanc has an extremely popular collection of luxury pens but their Boheme Royal Pen priced at $165,000 is made of 18K gold and 1351 diamonds.
The Mont Blanc Boheme Royal Pen was inspired by the butterfly.

With only six in creation, three of them are each made of solid white, yellow and rose gold, with 1402 Wesselton diamonds at 7.2 carats and 37 sapphires at 0.21 carats.

The other three each have 840 diamonds at 4.3 carats and 591 sapphires at 3.8 carats.

8) Caran d’Ache – 1010 Fountain Pen

This is exclusively tailor made for all the luxury watch and pen aesthetics.
The 1010 refers to the perfect balance achieved on the clock when it’s ten minutes past ten and this is exactly what this pen represents: the optimum aesthetic point and balance.

This pen has elaborately detailed patterns on its body which is made of 18K gold and sapphire. This pen is limited to only 10 pieces and costs $175,000

7) Montblanc – Diamond Solitaire Pen (Meisterstück Solitaire Royal LeGrand)

This pen is an icon of luxury and refinement. The body of this instrument is set with 4654 pieces of diamonds, and the captop with 7 diamonds.

The rhodium plated nib is made of 18K gold.

It’s the height of German artistry and a truly unrivaled piece of pen-makery. All this comes at a jaw dropping price of $180,000

So viewers, are you wondering what to watch next?

We think you might like on of our other videos “11 Things You Didn’t Know About Louis Vuitton”. Wondering why 11? Because everyone else does 10 and we go further!

6) Montblanc – Limited Edition Boheme Papillon Pen 

With a price tag of $230,000, this pen truly is a gem. It is an out-of-the-world combination of smooth and flawless writing and excellent jewellery craftsmanship.

This limited edition only has six pens. On its perfectly shaped sapphire body are patterns of butterflies and plant tendrils, studded with over 1,402 diamonds and 37 sapphires while the patented signature star-shaped Montblanc Diamond graces the top of the cap.

5) Montblanc – Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 Pen

This pen was manufactured in honour of Prince Rainier of Monaco when he died at the age of 81. A limited edition of 81 pens was launched.

This elegantly shaped pen is studded with 996 lozenge-shaped diamonds and 92 rubies representing the shield of Grimaldi coat of arms. Each of these 81 pens costs $260,000

4) Caran d’Ache – La Modernista Diamonds Pen 

This pen has a very stylish and elegant design that stands out from other pens because of it’s sophisticated craftsmanship.

Studded with a total of 5072 diamonds and 100 rubies, this beautiful symbol of pen-mastery was designed in the honour of famous Catalan modernist architect Anotnio Gaudi. It took six entire months to bring this pen to perfection by its designer Robert Perron.

The nib of the pen is made of 18-carat rhodium coated gold. This pen is exclusively for pen-enthusiasts who won’t settle for less and cost $265,000.

3) Montblanc – Mystery Masterpiece

This pen is designed for the person who has a discriminating taste in fountain pens. This pen is made to stun with an elegant body designed using secret setting techniques.
This pen was the joint collaboration of Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc for the celebration of Montblac’s 100th birthday and is priced at $730,000.

The magnificent design owes to Van Cleef & Arpels’ popular method of setting jewels, known as ‘the mystery setting’ embellished on Montblanc’s famous ‘Mesisterstük’ pen, which in English is translated to ‘Masterpiece’.

Undoubtedly, this incredible combination has produced a marvel of a pen.

2) Aurora – The Aurora Diamante 

This luxurious pen, sporting a giant sized cabochon diamond, can be custom made for its customers with their preferred coat of arms, signature or portrait due to the fact that only one fortunate person can buy this pen each year.

This pen is embellished with over 30 carats of De Beer’s diamonds on a solid platinum barrel and costs a whopping $1.43 million dollars.

The nib is manufactured with two tones of solid 18K gold and treated to rhodium to bring this pen to the symbol of perfection that it is.

1) Tibaldi – Fulgor Nocturnus 

This 8 million dollar pen is the most expensive and luxurious pen out there and it is the only one of its kind.

Only one pen exists in the entire world which was sold in an auction in Shanghai for a whopping $7 million in 2010.

The design of Fulgor Nocturnus was inspired by the ‘divine’ proportion of Phi. Equating to the ratio 1:1.618, Phi appears in vast amounts of natural and man-made phenomena, from plant veins to the Parthenon.

Then the pen is closed the ratio corresponds to the pen’s cap in relation to the visible portion of the barrel. It is adorned with 954 black diamonds and 123 rubies. This pen is undoubtedly not just a collector’s item but a gem to own.

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Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Louis Vuitton





11 things you didn’t know about Louis Vuitton: 

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands of all time.

There’s no monogram easier to recognize than that of Louis Vuitton: the three floral motifs interlaced with the signature LV and its distinctive colour combinations is easily spotted from afar on bags and wallets.

However, there are still some interesting jaw dropping facts about this fashion powerhouse that are still not known to some people.And with that, we embark upon unleashing the 11 surprising things you didn’t know about Louis Vuitton.

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11) Vuitton’s career actually started on foot!

What was going to be the first step in the grandiose voyage of his brand, his career initiated in 1834 with a 292 mile walk from his hometown of Anchay to Paris.

Vuitton was born in a small French settlement that mostly featured working-class people.

He quickly became bored with his environment and decided to leave home.

He set off the age of 13 and it took him two whole years to arrive in Paris in 1837 since he had to stop and work on his way in order to sustain himself.

10) His Big Break

When Louis Vuitton Malletier arrived in Paris at the age of 15, he was disoriented and unaccustomed to the new lands.

However, he was soon spotted by Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo of France who hired him as her official box-maker and packer as she was stunned by his extraordinary skills.

Box-making, in the 19th century, was considered as a very respectable profession.

He was recognized among the elites through his job for packing and boxing Empress Eugenie’s wardrobe for transportation during her various royal residences.

This became what was to be his ticket in the world of luxury fashion and style!

Time to take some notes now, prophets; walk long distances and hang around royal grounds if you are looking to be discovered by the queen herself!

9) First LV Store

In 1854, he opened his first ever store in Paris at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, his advertising tagline being that he can “securely pack the  most fragile of objects”.

Louis Vuitton started off as a luggage and trunk manufacturer.

He revolutionized the luggage industry, which was originally dominated by dome-shaped stream trunks, and introduced rectangular luggage that was easily stackable and allowed the clothes to be hung upright.

It was not until 1892 that he made the first Louis Vuitton handbags.

8) The Unbreakable Vow… and Lock

In 1896, George Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton, patented the first single lock system, called the tumbler lock, on LV curated luggage with two spring buckles.

He was so confident about the lock that he challenged the famed escape artist and illusionist of the time, Harry Houdini, to pick the lock off of a bolted Louis Vuitton trunk.

Alas, history holds no record of Houdini’s response to this challenge.

However, this infallible lock system is still used by the company to this day!

7) Till Death Do Us Part: 

Vuitton continued to operate out of 1 Rue Scribe, innovating high-quality, luxury luggage, and worked till the day he died on February 27, 1892, at the age of 72.

But the Louis Vuitton line would not die with its eponymous founder.

Under his son George, who created the company’s famous LV monogram and future generations of Vuittons, the Louis Vuitton brand would grow into the world-renowned luxury leather and lifestyle brand it remains today.

This next fact will actually make your heart ache.

6) Copyright

Even though they have legally acquired the copyright for both their monogram and color combinations, 99% of Louis Vuitton merchandise is fake.

Therefore, Louis Vuitton takes their copyrights and infringements extremely seriously: At the end of each year, all the unsold Louis Vuitton merchandise is sent back to France to the LV factory, where all them precious purses and bags are shredded and burnt.

They take these harsh and painful measures to maintain the exclusivity of their brand.

5) Fifth Time’s The Charm 

Louis Vuitton has no boundaries when it comes to marketing and they will go to any extent!

The highly acclaimed luxury brand has not one, not two, but FIVE boutiques on the same street in Las Vegas.

Guess quantity and quality go hand in hand on the road to success.

4) The Ultimate Fake-Bag Test 

Original LV bags have pipings and handles which are made from cow-hide leather.

They are originally of a light tan colour and the edges are dyed red with yellow stitching.

After you use an original Louis Vuitton bag for a few weeks, the light tan handles change colour to dark brown.

If they don’t, then there’s bad news for you.

You’ve been scammed into buying a fake LV bag!

You can use this test to check if that pretentious girl in your sorority actually owns LV merchandise or just likes to brag about her stuff while wielding a fake!

3) Talk About Quality Checks

LV bags are not delicate.

Instead, each bag goes through several durability tests; it is dropped from a height of half a meter for 4 days straight with a weight of 3.5 kgs inside, among other endurance tests.

The material undergoes bombardment of ultraviolet rays to ensure resistance to fading. Also, the zippers are tugged open and shut around 5,000 times to ensure they work well while in the hands of a customer.

2)  Speedy Hepburn

One of the most prized possessions of LV, the Speedy, was brought to its current glory and fame through a mere phone call request from US’s iconic film and fashion figure, Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey requested Louis to custom-make a mini-Speedy for her, thus revolutionizing the collection and making it a product suitable for any age.

The collection is available in different versions varying in sizes.

You can own a classic Speedy for just $2,650 USD

1) Timeless Louis-ness

Every single product made at the LV factory goes through a hell of a time to ensure that the product is durable.

What’s more, these LV bags never fall out of style.

While other luxury brands manufacture these bags on the basis of what’s trendy, LV’s bags and purses are timeless and never go out of fashion.

If you buy an LV bag today, it will still be stylish after 20 years.

Moreover, the materials used in its production also ensure that it lasts forever.

Turns out, everyone in your life may leave you at some point, but you will always be able to count on that Louis Vuitton bag to be by your side at least!

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Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “Love the Louis” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for reading, be sure to subscribe to us on youtube and keep on striving for success.

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Top 10 Richest Rappers of all time




Richest Rappers

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game. In this blog we are bringing you the top 10 richest rappers of all time.

Rappers are notorious for big houses, fancy cars and extravagant purchases; and when you take a look at just how much some of them earn, it’s no wonder.

These money-making machines have fancy homes and cars as well as flashy lives, so they no longer need loans or credit cards, they have cash on the hip.

Rap is already in their genes and they are already living lives mostly seen in dreams.

But who makes the most money from them all?

Who tops our list when it comes to net worth?

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10- Nicki Minaj

She is the ONLY female rapper in the list, with the total net worth of $80 million.

She has paired up with the legends like Eminem, Jay Z and Lil Wayne several times to belt out some of the best and most captivating rap songs we’ve ever heard.

She has also been named as the hottest rapper of the industry due to curvy and well maintained figure which she loves to expose.

She saw new heights of success after the launch of her album Pink Friday.

She started off her career with special appearances in different rap videos and we must admit, she has come a long way from there to make her mark on the world!

Though she spends a fair amount of her money on those lavish and extreme fashions for which she is so well known, In addition to her time on American Idol, she’s worked for Pepsi and MAC among other huge name companies.

She has a stake in Tidal and is a philanthropist to boot. Last year she awarded 37 scholarships!

9- Kanye West

With the total net worth of $100 million Kanye West is at number 9 in the list. So wait until you see who is at number 1!

Born in 1977 in Georgia Kanye West is also known for the voice over and singing abilities which he has demonstrated time to time and time again.

He has recorded many music albums with the rapper Jay Z including the infamous “The College Dropout’.

His famous raps are “Good Life” and “Jesus Walks” which lead him to receiving his Grammy Awards.

He is quite a controversial figure in the music industry due to his infamous feud with Taylor Swift and being very vocal on award shows.

He and his family live in a palatial US$60 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

The 15,667-square-foot (1,450-square-metre) home sits on three acres with expansive gardens, vineyards and fountains.

He couple bought the home in 2014 for US$20 million and reportedly spent four years and US$20 million renovating it before they moved in in 2018.

When it comes to buying lavish gifts for his wife, West goes all out.

Kim Kardashian West has been spotted carrying a Hermes Birkin bag – which is priced between US$9,000 and US$500,000 – that was gifted to her by West and painted by her daughter, North.

Kim Kardashian West’s 20-carat diamond engagement ring, worth an estimated US$4.5 million, is among the most expensive celebrity engagement rings every bought.

That ring was not the ring West proposed with, but an upgrade from the original 15-carat ring reportedly stolen when she was robbed in Paris in 2016.

8- Lil Wayne

His real name is Dwayne Carter.

The rapper has made quite a reputation due to his highly entertaining performances and having a generally very positive critique and a huge fan following.

Born in the year 1985 Lil Wayne has a total net worth of $110 and he has been very successful in the industry throughout.

He is composer of hit albums like Lollipop, The Block is Hot, True Stories and The Carter. He was very fond of rapping even in his childhood.

He spends the money he earns funding his luxurious lifestyle, so it’s not a surprise that one of his car investments is the expensive Bugatti Veyron, which has an estimated value of $2.5 million.

He originally bought this for $1 million back in 2001, but it’s worth increased after all the modifications. This car is one of the fourth most luxurious cars in the world, and it seems that more rappers are also getting this car. Aside from this vehicle, Lil Wayne also owns a V12 Aston Martin Vanquish and a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.

7- Birdman

Bryan Williams commonly known by the stage name of birdman is a rapper who has a total net worth of $150 million.

Actually, he is a part time rapper with a huge business. He does a lot of philanthropical work as well.

He is the CEO of famous company Cash Money Record Register and he is also the co-founder of this successful organization. His other businesses include YMCMB clothing and GT vodka which shows his versatile personality.

He is also known for bringing Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne into the music industry.

Birdman’s current net worth is around $110 million.

He wastes spares no expense on living luxury every second of his life. You can tell by his new Mercedes Benz Sprinter van that he spent nearly $300,000 customizing.

He has the red leather seats with the built in massagers in the chair so you can really enjoy your ride.

He has multiple touch screen control panel devices, cameras, PS3, wine cooler and more on this customized vehicle.

6- Marshall Mathers

Better known by his stage name Eminem the star is regarded as the best rapper of the world although he holds 7th position when it comes to his wealth.

Why is he considered the best?

It’s because every novice in the field of “rapping” is born either listening or looking up to his name. He is THAT good!

His team with Royce D 5’9 under the name of bad meets evil was something that raised him to fame.

Even if we look at the charts of all American Music channels in the year 1999 they all are filled up with the lyrics of this white rapper. Born in the year 1972 Eminem has a total net worth of $120 million.

His most famous tracks include “The Real Slim Shady” and “Lose Yourself”.

Eminem likes to keep it real and instead, spends his money on more niche interests you would never expect.

He donates money to food banks and contributes to the Eight Mile Boulevard Association, which is aimed at revitalizing public transportation in the area. He also gives to Excellence for Detroit, which helps underprivileged students succeed in college.

5- Snoop Dog

Originally known for many hits, Calvin Broadus is one of the most successful rappers of all time. He lives in New York City and enjoys the fame of the music industry to his heart’s fill.

His lifestyle, way of rapping and composition is loved by millions around the world. He is a professional marketer which is also one of the biggest sources of his income.

He gave many hits to the music industry and it is worth mentioning that his album “Doggystyle” is regarded as the most successful album of his career with 100 million copies sold worldwide. Snoop Dog’s current net worth is around $146 million.

Snoop Dogg is a man who respects the culture of modifying cars, his favorites being late 1960s and early-70s Cadillacs and Buicks.

He has a love for lowriders, for his family, and for his own image. His cars vary in size and style, but all of them reflect his personality well. He along with Wil.I.Am have spent lots of money on customizing 13 cars to date which will need a video of their own to show off their extravagance.

4- 50 Cent

Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent has a total net worth of $260 million and he holds the 4th position in the list. He is one of the most successful rappers when it comes to palpable business mind as he considers rap as his business.

He is also the one who promoted the gangsta rap genre with a new look and promoted the music to all corners of the world. His stake in vitamin water has seen his net worth massively increase after it was sold to Coca Cola in 2007 for $4.1 Billion.

He also holds the record number of nomination for 11 Grammy awards from the hip hop rap genre.

50 spends $108,000 in expenses monthly, the majority of which, $72,000, goes towards the maintenance of his three homes. In addition he spends $12,000 on child support a month, $2,500 a month supporting his grandparents, $3,000 a month on clothes and nearly $10,000 a month on his fleet of cars.

Before we proceed to the top 3 richest rappers, like this video and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos, and don’t forget to hit the notification icon.

3- Dr. DRE

Andre young famously known as Dr. Dre is a rap star whose total net worth is $ 350 million. He holds the third position in the list. Born in the year 1965 and he is also regarded as a successful businessman.

He is the owner of the infamous audio accessories series “beats by Dre” headphones and this has also contributed massively towards the accumulation of wealth for him.

He is also regarded as a guru and a mentor for many artists, helping them to launch their career like Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 cent due to his charismatic personality and leading attitude.

Dr DRE is as far back as the rap industry goes. He has been here for THAT long!

Dr Dre house is absolutely stunning. He bought his $40 million mansion in Brentwood, LA in 2014.

The property spans 4 acres and the home is 18,298 square feet.

It is HUGE

The entrance way features stunning marble flooring and a giant chandelier and a marble theme large kitchen. Each room is decorated to perfection and has lots of intricate details and furnishings. The whole house features super high ceilings and lots of natural light. There’s, of course, a large walk-in closet as well as an all-glass shower within one of the grey marble bathrooms.

Outside you’ll find an infinity swimming pool complete with sunbeds and a shady terrace, a koi pond, and a moat.  You know, standard feature.

2- JAY Z

Jay Z’s real name is Shawn Carter and he is second in the list with a total net worth of $ 460 million.

Born in the year 1969 the rap star entered the industry in the year 1980 when he launched his first album and also sung his first rap.

One of the most unique talents that set him apart is that he is known for the variations and the style that he adopts while rapping.

Most successful albums of his include “Hard Knock Life” and “The Blueprint” that have pushed Jay to massive success.

He lives in a $6.85 million apartment in Manhattan. He reportedly rented a $400,000-per-month summer house in the Hamptons last year.


A year after launching, Jay Z’s sports agency, Roc Nation Sports, has signed one of the best athletes on earth (Kevin Durant) and negotiated one of the biggest contracts of the year (Robinson Cano’s $240 million deal).

So that’s where all the big bucks are going.

And now for the richest rapper of all times.

1- Sean P.Diddy Combos

Originally called Puff Diddy, Sean Diddy is the richest rapper among the community of the artists of same genre. Born in the year 1969 Sean Diddy is currently resides in the New York city and is regarded as one of the most successful music composers as well.

He is known for his innovations and overall strategy that is very obvious in each video he shoots. Sean Diddy has a current net worth of around 700 million dollars and he tops the list with distinction. It is also worth mentioning that “press play” was his most successful album of all times.

He lives in a house he owns in Alpine, New Jersey. He has 6 children from three different women so that’s mostly where he spends a good portion of his earnings along with refurbishing his drool worthy car collection.

Sean Combs is a man who loves fast cars, as is evident by the vehicles in his garage. One of the highlights of his collection is a silver $300,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a powerful Italian supercar with a V10 engine that was named after a historic breed of fighting bulls.

Who do you think will reach the billion dollar mark in the coming years? Which rappers are your favorites? Which of your favorite rappers are in this list?
Prophets we would love to hear it from you in the comments below.

Until next time Prophets, stay lucky.

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Top 10 most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas




Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

Las Vegas makes a huge impression on everyone who has visited and is an excellent starting point for you to visit some of the most beautiful National Parks in the whole of the USA.

While hotels are not the first thing that come to mind when you mention Las Vegas, the place has a reputation for impressing its visitors with humongous hotels that behold many areas of luxury.

Seven of the world’s 10 largest hotels are located in Las Vegas and last decade, a chain of ultra-luxurious, boutique-style hotels have opened their doors on the Strip and cater exclusively to the perceptive kind of guests.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that won’t stop you from showing off about your stay in one of the following over-the-top luxury hotels, which have made it into our top 10 Las Vegas luxury hotels & resorts.

But before we go for the ride, take a pit stop and like and subscribe to Prophets of Success on Youtube  and make sure you are in the driving seat for more amazing content!

So let’s get into it


Opened in 2014, Delano Las Vegas offers an all-suite, smoke-free hotel experience located steps away from Mandalay Bay. It features a unique sand-meets-water design, Delano merges signature elements of its iconic Delano South Beach hotel with that distinct appeal only found on the Las Vegas Strip.

The hotel offers a variety of social spaces such as Franklin, an eclectic lounge, and Della’s Kitchen, where ‘the historic farmhouse meets an urban kitchen’.

The spa oozes the soothing elements of locally sourced ingredients, drawing inspiration from the Morgan Hotel Group’s collection around the world as well as from the Delano Las Vegas’ desert locale.


One of the Strip’s newer luxury resorts and boy does it deliver. Guests can enjoy oversized residential-styled living spaces with private terraces and breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline, or the Bellagio fountains.

Dining is an experience of its own altogether with a one-of-a-kind restaurant collection featuring world-class chefs making their Vegas debut.

These chefs include David Myers, Scott Conant, and José Andrés.

Stylish design and art encourage a cultural exchange while a vibrant nightlife scene captivates its guests.

The pool offers panoramic views and an unparalleled service, allowing guests to choose between three distinct pool experiences. Combine it all with a variety of hand-selected boutiques, a 100,000 square foot casino, Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, and the serenity of the Sahra Spa & Hamman to redefine your luxury resort experience.

A useful tip for you viewers, enjoy free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso (e.g. room upgrade, daily breakfast, early check-in, late check-out, and $100 spa credit).


The SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas reopened in August 2014 after a $415 million renovation of the iconic Sahara Hotel.

Many Legends like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Elvis Presley came to perform and play.

Homage to the original hotel, the new carpeting just inside the valet entrance features the Sahara’s iconic logo.

But beyond the old parking garage, most of the property has been gutted and rebuilt.

SLS has 1,600 rooms and 40,000 square feet of exhibition space, all designed by an architectural team lead by French designer Philippe Starck.

It features SLS’s signature restaurants – The Bazaar by José Andrés and Katsuya by Starck – as well as a reinvention of SBE’s original nightlife concept “Shelter” and the brand’s first-ever casino.


Almost a thousand fountains dance in a rainbow of light to the beat of the music, welcoming guests to this spangly playground.

Once past the fountains and inside the hotel, one is instantly transported to an elegant European resort, complete with award-winning restaurants and a luxurious spa, surrounded by works from the world’s most renowned artists.

Guests have the choice of selecting lavish guestrooms, suites, and villas, all with views of Lake Bellagio or the neon-lit glitz of the strip.

From the natural light bathing the lobby through glass ceilings to the fresh flowers and trees of the Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens, displays of which change five times a year, everything here makes the Bellagio the quintessential Las Vegas destination.


The world’s first-ever Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace is a luxury infused, celebrity-driven exhibition.

Nobu has a distinctly different feel than most Las Vegas hotels, and features Japanese-inspired décor mixed with sleek, modern touches. Situated inside a separate tower at Caesars Palace,

guests will feel miles away from Vegas with the zen plum and gold accent furnishings and clever artwork. This boutique hotel also includes in-room dining from Nobu restaurant.

Every subtlety, every detail, every experience, from the impeccable Italian sheets on the beds to the feng shui within every room as designed by David Rockwell himself,

Nobu Hotel surely impresses, delights, and redefines contemporary hotel luxury. Bath amenities are supplied by Natura Bisse, with a blended rosemary and white tea scent that was created exclusively for Nobu Hotel.


Skylofts at MGM Grand, located on top of the MGM Grand, portrays a rare and private sanctuary of sleek, elegant two-story, one-to-three bedroom living space high above the spectacle that is the Las Vegas Strip.

Skylofts at MGM Grand is a unique and exciting hotel experience created for the modern traveler who expects the best wherever they go, enjoy art and outstanding design, and have the incomes to match their desires.

Some call it as “urban chic above the Strip” the Skylofts are modeled on New York-style lofts and offer expansive views of the Las Vegas skyline.

They are exceedingly comfortable, aesthetic, and extraordinarily welcoming spaces that are instantly recognizable homes away from home for today’s urban elite with distinctively modern tastes.


Want to be in Las Vegas but still want the intimacy and service of a five-star resort? Then this is the hotel for you.

With a private entrance off of Las Vegas Boulevard, the Four Seasons Hotel offers a tranquil oasis on the otherwise high-spirited Las Vegas Strip.

Like luxury skyboxes perched high above the glittering Las Vegas strip, the hotel’s stylish guest rooms and suites are located on floors 35 to 39 of the Mandalay Bay tower, offering a breathtaking view of the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard and surrounding desert landscape.

At this luxury hotel in Las Vegas on the Strip, guests enjoy handcrafted cocktails and small plates at PRESS, authentic Italian cuisine at Veranda, award-winning fine dining at Charlie Palmer Steak, and relaxation in the Forbes five-star spa and lushly landscaped private pool.


With exquisite facilities, incredible views, personalized assistance, private Sky Suites only pool, and effortless access to some of the city’s most exciting offerings, Aria Sky Suites is one of the ultimate destinations for discerning guests.

A complimentary luxury ride from the airport brings guests to the hotel, where they are welcomed personally. The suites offer up to 2,060 square feet of sheer opulence, with one or two bedrooms, separate living, powder and master bedrooms, and a serene spa-like bathroom.

Custom furnishings and amenities place these suites in a league of their own.

The two- to three-bedroom, single- and two-story Sky Villas at ARIA are a top-of-the-line collection of suites; designed to delight the most discriminating of tastes, they offer a level of sophistication, unlike anything Vegas has seen before.


Wynn Las Vegas and its adjacent, sister resort Encore have more Forbes Travel Guide Five Star awards than any other independent hotel in the world.

Designed to be explored and discovered, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore tantalize the senses of every guest. Hailed as luxury destinations in Las Vegas, both resorts have a total of 4,750 rooms.

The rooms at both properties are elegantly appointed and equipped with advanced technologies and panoramic views.

The entire Wynn complex consists of more than 20 signature restaurants, ultra-chic nightclubs, and luxury shopping that brings your Las Vegas experience to a new level of distinction.

Encore boasts a younger, more modern vibe than The Wynn; its well-appointed spaces and bright, elegant style paired with excellent service has led Condé Nast Traveler to name Encore among the top 100 hotels in the world on the 2015 Gold List, for the sixth year in a row.

And finally.


Stunningly designed and beautifully appointed, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas – formerly a Mandarin Oriental hotel – is the only Forbes triple 5-star luxury hotel at the heart of The Strip.

The property to rises 47 stories high above the legendary city.

With views of the city and the desert, the hotel offers the perfect combo of style, serenity and luxury in a non-gaming and smoke-free environment.

The 23rd floor Sky Lobby is a spectacular entrance to a chic bar, gourmet dining, and discreet luxury.

The 392 rooms and suites are fantastically comfortable with a sleek décor inspired by Asian art. Bathrooms are spectacular with views through the floor-to-ceiling windows;

But nothing compares to the top three suites at the hotel, spanning 3,000 sq. feet each. The gourmet fusion restaurants and top leisure facilities are second to none, while the 5-star, Asian inspired luxury service is truly unbeatable.

So guys, Which was the best and the most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas?

Have you ever been to any of these hotels?

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