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Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes Money Can Buy




Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes Money can buy

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

It is said that the scent of a person says a lot about their personality.

How many times have you spent hours trying to pick up the perfect bottle of perfume from the shelf?

In today’s video, Prophets of Success will be going over the top 10 most expensive perfumes that exist.

Rare ingredients, unparalleled craftsmanship, and dazzling details are also some of the reasons that make the perfumes in our list worthy of such opulence.

Wait till you see the most expensive perfume in the world, it will blow your mind……and your budget!

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Let’s get started.

10- Annick Goutal – Eau d’Hadrien

Incorporating a blend of ylang-ylang, basil, sweet and herbal, along with splashes of citrus. Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien established in 1981 showcases a unique offering in this bottle.

Who doesn’t like a perfume bottle’s scent to give a smell of citrus fruits after all?

This offering, however, comes at a price.

This fragrance is priced at $441.18 per ounce!

9- JAR – Bolt of Lightning

Priced at $765 per ounce, the floral fragrance of this perfume features an embodiment of oriental flowers.

Devised of tuberose and green notes, this perfume that was launched in 2001 comes in an elegantly designed bottle made up of crystals.

This is a fragrance not to be missed id you have the budget.

8- Joy by Jean Patou

Putting together 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses, Jean Patou was finally able to produce a perfume that could stand out in the marketplace.

Can you guess how much you would have to spend to purchase the Joy perfume bottle? $850 per ounce.

If you spend the money, you can be sure of one thing, however. You will recieve a lot of compliments from those around you.

7- Caron Poivre

To celebrate their Golden Jubilee, the company went on ahead and produced a handcrafted perfume bottle that held a scent of a hot spicy pepper note.

If you have the money you can buy some of the best things in life.

This is certainly one of them.

Worth a $1000 per ounce, you will need deep pockets for this one.

6- Hermes – 24 Faubourg

With only a thousand batches throughout the globe, 24 Faubourg by Hermes offers a scent which is an amalgamation of various fragrances which includes orange blossom, patchouli, ylang-ylang, taire flower, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, ambergris, and iris.

Since it targets only the elite class, the perfume is priced at $1500 per ounce, out of the budget of most.

But if you can afford it, this is going to be one of those investments that offer a valuable return in a short period.

Only this time instead of financial gains, the return would be in the form of higher social esteem.

5- Clive Christian – No.1

Have you ever heard of the well-known designer Clive Christian?

Clive came up with an exclusive perfume collection in 2001 and 2006 which was priced at $2150 per ounce back in those days; making it the most expensive perfume of the time.

With time, however, more expensive perfumes came into the market but Clive Christian’s No.1 perfume series continues to be one of the most lavish perfumes even a decade after its production first began.

4- Chanel – Grand Extrait

Priced at $4200 per ounce and packed in a bottle with a unique design that cannot go without praise, the Grand Extrait is also produced in limited quantities.

The scent incorporates the fragrance of a bouquet made from intangible flowers with a dash of feminity.

Furthermore, it has a hint of May Rose and Jasmine, which lends its freshness and grandeur.

Isn’t that simply amazing?

Due to its high price, however, again this is out of the budget of most.

If you are not already blown away by the fragrance and prices of these perfumes, we now present to you our top 3 picks of the list:

3- Baccarat – Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes

Renowned for their exuberant and high-quality crystal and fragrances, the Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes is one among the three limited edition series that comes in a pyramid-shaped bottle.

If you love streaks of warm and aromatic myrrh along with frankincense, this is the perfume you should opt for. If, of course, you also have $6800 per ounce to pay for it.

2- Clive Christian No.1 – Imperial Majesty Perfume

Another production of Clive Christian on the list, the Imperial Majesty perfume has a fragrance of Tahitian Vanilla accompanied with traces of reminiscent of Aphrodite, rosa centifolia, and the goddess of love and beauty.

Due to these unique features, this perfume is the second most expensive perfume to exist on the face of the planet with a price of $12,722 per ounce!

1- DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

Can you guess how much this perfume bottle costs? Hint: It’s in the name itself. Yes, you are right. $1 million! Why so expensive? Here’s the reason.

The perfume bottle with a few precious stones.

The word ‘few’ may be an understatement here. Determine it for yourself.

Encrusted with precious stones such as 2700 white diamonds, 183 yellow sapphires, 15 pink diamonds from Australia, four rose-cut diamonds, 7.18-carat Cabochon sapphire, 1.6-carat Paraiba tourmaline, 3.07-carat pear-shaped rose-cut diamond with the cap of the bottle sports 2.43-carat Canary yellow diamond, this perfume bottle is unique in all its capacities and justifies its price.

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “million dollar perfume” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

See you in the next video

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Most Luxurious First Class Travel




The Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

 Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

Have you ever had the chance of being in an airplane whether on domestic or international flights?

If you have, you fall into the niche category of 50% of the worlds population who have ever had the privilege of flying in an airplane. Never thought you were this blessed, did you?

Most of us who have had the privilege usually travel in the economy class or business class section of the airplane; depending on our budget.

In today’s blog, Prophets of Success will be going over the top 10 luxury first-class airlines that exist globally.

For those of us who are new to the term, first-class travel in an airplane is the most extravagant air travel you could ever aspire for (unless, of course, you own your private jet).

Before we bring you the most luxurious first class airlines, be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to get regular updates on more enthralling videos. Done?

Let’s start the engines and get going then!

10- Thai Airways

Known across the world for its world-class services, Thai Airways certainly lives up to its expectations in its “Royal First Class” cabin. The first class cabin is designed keeping passenger comfort in mind. Featured on AirBus A380s and newly renovated Boeing 747s, Royal First Class includes chilled champagne, 23-inch wide seats, flat screen TVs, 500 music options, and 180-degree lie-flat beds. All of this comes in just a $3000 ticket from Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in New York.

9- Qantas Airways

This Australian airline is the epitome of luxury facilities. Offering a sheepskin mattress, armrest controls, and 17-inch TV it is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world.

Moreover, the meals on the menu are designed by no other than the famous chef: Neil Perry. Qantas’ award-winning “Cellar in the Sky” wine selection is a nice indulgence as well.

The first class facility of Qantas Airways does not operate directly from London to New York but its business class would cost roughly $3150 for the travel.

8- Cathay Pacific

The premium Hong Kong Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways delivers a first class experience centered on the provision of premium service.

The leather seats offer comfortable manually controlled massages and the 500-thread-count duvet keeps you warm when the beds lie flat.

Steaming jasmine rice can be served directly at your seat while you enjoy entertainment on a 17-inch personal TV screen.  How about that? The ticket price from Heathrow Airport in London to New York City would cost you $3200 but it is most certainly worth the experience.

7- ANA AII Nippon Airways

Being the largest airline of a tech-loving nation as Japan, the first class service of Nippon Airways is an embodiment of deluxe.

The presence of a private square cabin with sliding doors ensures no flier will be disturbed on the journey as the high panel walls create a wooden cove in the sky. Your appetite is also well taken care of. Delicious dishes on board are prepared in either Japanese Kaiseki style or in the elegance of Modern European cuisine. A feast in the sky? The charge in exchange of this experience would be $3400 if you choose to fly from London to New York city; though the amount differs with the demand.

6- Lufthansa

The first-class experience of this German airline comprises of: a personal assistant at the airport, a wide reclining seat, fine wine and culinary delights, and multiple in-flight entertainment options. A flight from London to New York City costs $3500 if you choose to undertake this experience.

5- Air France

This French airline has a lot to offer when it comes to their deluxe first-class travel. If you love French cuisine, the La Première first-class cabin would surely be a heavenly experience for you. The airline undertakes close consideration with regards to its food options to ensure the provision of the best dishes for its high-paying guests only.

Ever wanted to get served by a Michelin star chef? You can fulfill your dream by buying the first-class air ticket of Air France where the French Michelin star chefs provide guests with a menu destined to please their already expensive plates.

But, what if you like to prepare your meal? Don’t worry, the airline has got you covered there as well as they allow you the opportunity to prepare your meal using their gourmet menu. A few standout dishes offered to the first-class passengers by the airline comprise of grilled tenderloin of beef served with bearnaise sauce, baked vegetables, and steamed potatoes. Do try them out if you are skeptical of what to order.

The airline also prioritizes passengers’ comfort and offers a 6.5 feet long bed! Your own bed thousands of feet above the ground to get a good nights sleep. Apart from that, Air France offers Carita beauty products, a high-quality cotton bathrobe to wear after you take a quick shower on the plane, a TV screen with an entertainment system, and the necessity of today: Free Wifi. The airline currently offers its first-class facility on limited international routes with a round trip from New York to Paris approximated at $8292. If you want to travel first class from London to New York directly, you would have to take a business class flight instead that at a fare of $3898.

4- Qatar Airways

If you are a frequent traveler, you may have traveled with Qatar Airways at least once in your life. Their first-class facilities, however, have been sampled by few, so we will cover them in detail today so that you have a good idea of what you are paying for in case you choose to travel first class in the future.

The first-class cabin located at the face of the upper deck is extremely elegant. It features a total of eight well-padded seats, spread across two rows that are not subjected to exclusive privacy; although there is a partition that you can raise at choice to ensure that.

The airline offers a pre-select dining facility, allowing passengers to choose what they want to eat in advance from the airline’s world-class à la carte onboard menu. As with all the world-class airlines, Qatar Airways puts the comfort of the passengers first and offers a lot of facilities.

These include a flatbed seat, a 19-inch television screen, an amenity kit, and two very nice lavatories at the front of the first-class cabin alongside hosting the nicest onboard bar in the sky. A flight from London to New York would cost you approximately $4000 for a round trip. Not a bad option to consider if you have the cash.

If you are not already blown away by the first class luxury, we now present to you our top 3 picks of the list:

3- British Airways

Perhaps the fiercest competition to Qatar Airways’ first-class travel is by British Airways. Offering all the facilities that Qatar Airways has to offer, British Airways also offers a few additional features for its first-class travelers.

Firstly, the privacy issue is addressed by the head protection area on the seat which hides your face from the other passengers in the row. Secondly, the mood lighting is managed tactically and ensures the boost in positive moods of the passengers.

Offering dates with Arabic coffee as their complimentary food, British Airways also has a magazine specifically dedicated for first-class travelers, sufficient leg space, a food menu that covers British, Mexican and Thai cuisines and a window screen covered by sheets that enhances the outer vision as you look out into the clouds.

The greatest advantage the airline has is the price it offers for this heavenly travel opportunity. Guess how much it would cost you to travel from Heathrow Airport in London to JFK Airport in New York City. $4000? $3000? It costs you just $2000!

2- Emirates

If you have ever traveled by Emirates, you would agree that the airline offers an experience like no other – whether it be economy class, business class, or first class.

Let’s go over the details of its first-class experience today. Privacy is not an issue at Emirates’ first class. It offers you your little compartment with your door that you can close to give you complete privacy from everyone else in the aircraft. The compartment, which looks more like an elegant little hotel room, has a seat that can be transformed into a bed, a closet, 2 TVs, and complimentary M&M candy! The legroom is enough to accommodate an 8-foot tall person comfortably. Insane, right?

You can also video call the air hostess in case you need anything rather than using the traditional bell. Moreover, it has virtual windows for passengers in the middle of the plane as well as a fully stocked mini-bar!  The options for food are also endless. There is no ‘mealtime’ and you can order whatever you want, whenever you want it.

In case you are unsure, here are a few sample dishes you can opt for: mixed grill that includes lamb kofta, chicken tikka and spicy chicken with garlic, served with Parsi dal and navratan pulao. This air travel experience from London to New York would cost you around $5200.

1. Etihad Airways

The airline beating Emirates at its first-class travel is Etihad Airways – “The Residence” as the airline calls it. Not only does it offer a more customized experience at $5400 from London to New York but also a more extravagant experience in totality. The inflight chef prepares your food just the way you like it, with options to mix and match from your favorite choices. A few renowned dishes include chicken breast with arancini, courgette, black olive, tomato, and butter sauce. The comfort level offered is exquisite. With a private space of 45 square feet, a personal butler, shower, 7-foot long bed, free Wifi, Vanity’ unit with make-up and mirror, and TV screen with entertainment system – this first-class experience is the ultimate dream of air travel.

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far comment “Exquisite first class flights” below so we know who made it to the end. Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

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12 Highest Paid Movie Roles of All Times




Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

We all love movies and theaters, don’t we? Have you ever wondered how much money actors take for playing their roles in these movies?

In today’s video Prophets of success will be going over the top 12 highest paid movie roles of all time.

Look out for your favorite role and let us know in the comments below.

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Let’s get rolling then!


12- The Terminator

The famous Hollywood superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger promised his return in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines; for his role of the Terminator in the movie he was paid $29.25 million!

Since the movie mustered in $433 million from the box office after its release, this expense may be worth it for the producers on their main lead of the movie: The Terminator.

11- Carl Allen

How many of you have seen the movie “Yes Man”? If you haven’t do try it out as it might change your perspective on living life altogether.

Carl Allen (the actor: Jim Carrey) was paid a staggering $30 million in exchange for his role. The movie went off to make $233.2 million in the box office and Carl Allen got both fame and money out of this movie. That is awesome.

10- Elizabeth Hasley

A teacher we only get to see in movies, Elizabeth Hasley ( actress: Cameron Diaz)  played the role of a seductive teacher in the movie “Bad Teacher”. The role was worthy enough for Elizabeth as she not only received a huge salary of $42 million but also received an additional $40 million from the box office earnings of the movie!

Simply put, Elizabeth Hasley stepped out $82 million richer from the movie with a boost in her fan following.


9- Dom Cobb

Having recently won the Oscars, Leonardo Di Caprio’s role as Dom Cobb in ‘Inception’ proved to be one of his highest-paid movie roles throughout his career. Dom Cobb earned $50 million for Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film just from box-office earnings.

This didn’t end there. Skeptical of the movie, Dom and Nolan struck a deal which included Dom getting a fixed portion of DVD and television sales of the movie as well!

Smart move by Dom you have got to admit.

8- The Joker

An acting master class, The Joker’s appearance in Batman was something fans were dying to witness.

It seems the Joker (actor: Jack Nicholson) knew it and intended to reap the maximum benefits out of this opportunity.

Receiving an upfront salary of $6 million was not enough for The Joker (of course because he lived a tough life in his role), so he made a deal of securing a certain amount of payment from the box office earnings of all the sequels of Batman that he didn’t even make an appearance in, raising his total income by approximately $52 million for the role played. Now that’s smart business Prophets!

7- Jack Sparrow

If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean you know of the importance of Jack Sparrow’s role in the movie.

The fourth movie of the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, was one of the most expensive movies ever made until 2011 with a production budget touching $410 million.

Can you guess how much of that was paid to Sparrow (actor: Johnny Depp) alone?

$55 million! The actor himself claims that he was overpaid for the role that earned him a total of $300 million due to its popularity in the box office.

6- Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks undoubtedly played a great part in the execution of his role as Forrest Gump and if you have seen the movie you would most certainly agree to that.

Forrest Gump was paid even more than Jack Sparrow up front! He earned a total of $60 million from his performance on the screen alone. Impressive, right?

5- Indiana Jones

To get Ford back for a fourth “Indiana Jones” movie, Paramount agreed to a deal that split a large portion of the film’s earnings between Indiana Jones (actor: Harrison Ford), director Steven Spielberg, and producer George Lucas. The salary amount, however, remained unchanged and the main lead of the film did not seem to have a concern with that.

We don’t think many people would if they were being paid $65 million upfront for a movie role.

4- Dr. Ryan Stone

Dr. Ryan Stone (actress: Sandra Bullock) was paid $20 million upfront for “Gravity,” which is an impressive number on its own. This was not all, however. The actress also struck a deal of getting paid a total of 15% of the box office revenue, elevating her income for the role from $20 million to $70 million.

If you are not already blown away by these movie roles, we now present to you our top 3 highest paid movie roles of all times:

3- Ethan Hunt

Yes, you guessed it right. That’s Tom Cruise in his Mission Impossible series. Ethan Hunt made $75 million from the fourth Mission Impossible movie, titled “Ghost Protocol”.

As if this was not enough, Cruise also got a specific percentage of the box office earnings from the movie, making Ethan Hunt one of the most expensive movie characters of all time.

2- Neo

“You are breathtaking”. Recently you may have come across this viral clip of the Holly wood star on social media but his income for playing Neo in Matrix surely is breathtaking.

Keanu earned $83.3 million per movie through his role as Neo which earned him a total of $250 million for the 3 movies of the Matrix.

In a future video we will be covering 10 facts you didn’t know about Keanu Reeves, be sure to subscribe click the notification bell so you know when this goes live.

1- Agent J

The famous Hollywood superstar, Will Smith has broken records throughout his career. Here is just one of those.

His appearance in Men in Black 3 as Agent J earned him $100 million upfront making it the highest ever paid movie role of all time.

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “100 million dollar Agent J” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.
See you in the next video.

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10 Most Expensive Meals Money can Buy




Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

Are you a foodie at heart? If so, you are going to love this video all about food.

If you have the cash flow maybe you can be sat at a table with these people who can afford these insanely expensive meals. If not, you may view the rich with a twitch of resentment at their ability to afford these meals….

In today’s video, Prophets of Success will be going over the top 10 most expensive dishes in the world. Although the word ‘expensive’ is relative to each individual in its meaning and interpretation, the food items we will be covering today would be the ones lying outside the budget of at least 90% people as an expense for 1 meal. That is our definition of expensive for this video.

Before we dig down into the video, make sure that you subscribe to Prophets of Success and click the bell icon to keep yourself updated with more enthralling content. Done?

Lets go!

10- Swallow’s Nest Soup

Have you ever heard of this elegant soup? The nest of the swallow birds is made almost entirely from their saliva, without any additions of foreign material. Consequently, their nests have become a delicacy in Chinese cooking. The high price of this dish is easily explained: collecting swallows’ nests is a somewhat dangerous occupation. The birds build their nests on sheer cliffs, where the risk of falling off is very high. It is for this reason that this delicacy costs money beyond the capacity of many: $3,000 per kilogram!

  • Dry Cured Iberian Ham

Jamón Ibérico, produced in Spain, is the most expensive kind of ham in the world. In Spain, the Iberian pig is fed exclusively on acorns, and huge areas are marked off for them to graze in. The cost of one kilogram of dry-cured Jamon fluctuates around $400. It has a smooth texture and rich, savory taste. The fat content is relatively high compared to the jamón serrano. A good ibérico ham has regular flecks of intramuscular fat known as marbling. It is one of the highest-priced delicacies in the world and a must-try for the rich who like such cuisines.

8- Kyoto Kitcho – Arashiyama

Found in Japan, there are several fixed price menus from this restaurant to choose from with the most expensive option costing in the region of $599.49 per individual. This meal would fulfill your desires like anything else. Comprising of at least 10 courses featuring rounds of sashimi, grilled and steamed food, rice, pickled vegetables, and desserts! It is a must-try meal if your cash flow allows you to do so!

7- Masa

Do you have $600 to put aside to have sushi? If so, we have the perfect meal for you in store. Prepared by the master chef Masayoshi Takayama, this meal is one of the finest Japanese cuisines found in the entire New York City and a must-try if you love sushi.

Dining at Masa is slightly different than ordering sushi as a midnight snack, the spicy tuna roll is one of the most popular late-night takeout orders around the city. Masa, is therefore, a popular spot for American foodies and tourists craving high quality food.

6- Golden Opulence Sundae

This $1000 opulent dessert is decadent Tahitian vanilla ice cream infused with Madagascan vanilla beans and chunks of rare Chuao chocolate brought in from Venezuela.

This is drizzled with one of the world’s most expensive chocolates from Amedei Porcelana, and decorated with gold-covered almonds, chocolate truffles, marzipan cherries, before being enveloped with a 23-carat edible gold leaf.

All of this being presented in a Baccarat crystal goblet with an 18-carat gold spoon.

Would you pay this for a Sundae?

5- Westin Hotel Bagel

If you love bagels, this $1000 bagel is going to amplify your cravings a bit more.

Found in the Westin Hotel, the New York Chef prepares it by pushing the bagel envelope by adding white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly, and topping it with gold leaves; thereby making it the world’s most expensive bagel – mostly because white truffles are the second most expensive food on the planet.

While your previous favorite bagel topping may be smoked salmon or cream cheese, I am sure you will switch to this once you get the chance to taste it and you have the cash flow to match.

4- Margo’s Malta White Truffle and Gold Pizza

Are you a pizza lover? If so, this could be your dream meal. Available only during the truffle season lasting from October to May, the pizza is topped with organic water buffalo mozzarella and 24-carat gold leaf making it an expensive dish at $2420!

The price may, however, vary slightly depending on the price of the white truffles but it is still regarded as one of the most expensive meals to exist on Earth.

If these food delicacies did not make yolur stomach rumble, we would now like to present to you our top 3 food items on the list:

3- Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert

Priced at $14,500, this dessert is an embodiment of gold leaf Italian cassata flavored with fruit-infused Irish cream. Fortress Silt also has a Dom Perignon champagne sabayon at the base and a handmade chocolate carving shaped in form of a local stilt fisherman to serve as its fruit compote.

This dessert is available in Sri Lanka and must be ordered a day in advance. Want more? This dessert also includes an 80 carat Aqua marine gemstone! Isn’t that insane?

2- World’s Most Expensive Taco

What better place to offer the most expensive Taco than Mexico itself? Found at the Grand Velas Los Cabos and priced at $25,000, the taco contains langoustine, Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, and black truffle brie cheese. Even the salsa is extreme, made with dried Morita chili peppers, Ley.925 ultra-premium Anejo tequila, and civet coffee.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

The normally inexpensive Mexican street food gets a royal make over with this hefty price tag, would you blow $25,000 on a taco? Let us know in the comments below!

1- Pudding in England

We all love puddings, don’t we? How many of us, however, have the ability to afford a $35000 chocolate pudding? In 2011, Chef Marc Guibert in England’s Lake District shaped up his pudding to look like a Faberge egg. Crafted with high end chocolate, gold leaf, champagne, caviar and a diamond, the pudding is also layered with champagne jelly and laced with edible gold. In fact you need to place your order for the pudding 2 weeks in advance!

So Prophets, this was our list of the top 10 most expensive food items to exist. Which one amused you the most and watered your mouth?

Now you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “That made me hungry” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.
Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for latest videos.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success, and please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

See you in the next video.

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