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16 Things Poor people do that rich dont



Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game. In this video we are going to reveal the 16 things which poor people do that the rich don’t.

This video is meant as an educational one in order for you to be able to up your game and to help you avoid developing the habits of a poor mindset. We want to help you reach your goals of becoming successful so watch the full video and hear us out before you make up your mind.

If you stay until the end of the video we have a special bonus tip which could help you make the transition between Rich and poor if you find yourself stuck in the middle. This will be a great tip for you.

So, let’s get started:

16) Poor people tend to wake up later than Rich people this could be for the mere fact that rich people may have more to get up for but we believe that this is a trait which is echoed through the halls of success and throughout the history of successful entrepreneurs.

Many of the top executives at the world’s top companies are early to rise and early to bed, take Tim Cook the CEO of Apple one of the biggest and most valuable companies on the planet, he takes approximately 7 hours of sleep – going to bed at 9:30pm and rising at 4:30am. Jeff Bezos of Amazon also has a similar sleep pattern and rises around 5am. When the CEOs are asked about these habits they say that the early mornings give them clarity and time to not be disturbed in order to get important tasks done, and if its working for the CEOs of the 2 biggest companies in on the Planet maybe it could work for you too, so quit the late to bed late to rise routine and wake up with the high achievers, develop this as a habit and it will pay dividends to your success.

15) Poor people tend to have no money saved

Having access to liquid cash for emergencies, or even better opportunities is absolutely essential and should not be overlooked. If you don’t have spare cash and you need a new tyre on your car for example, the chances are you are going to need to put that essential purchase on the credit card, where it gets forgotten about under all of the other spending on the credit card and incurs interest charges each month, meaning you are getting poorer and poorer paying interest.

The earlier you start paying into an emergency fund the cheaper it will be for you. Adding small amounts often builds into a large pot for those unforeseen circumstances. In an ideal world you should have at least 3 months-worth of living expenses stashed away for emergencies to buy you the most important thing in life to be able to sort the problem out, and this is time.

14) Poor people tend to blame other people.
Taking responsibility for your own actions is key to achieving success in life, but poorer people tend to blame others and other external factors as a reason that they aren’t making more of a success of their life. It wasn’t my fault it was the economy, it wasn’t my fault it was the governments fault, the banks wouldn’t lend me money so I couldn’t carry on with my business, know this, the way your life is at this exact moment in time is the direct result of all of the decisions you have made leading up to this moment, if you are overweight it’s because you ate more calories than you burned off over a sustained period, if you are in debt it’s because you spent more than you earned over a prolonged period.

Reality check. You are in charge of your own life and you need to steer it in the direction you want it to go by changing your habits.

No one is going to do it for you. So, get yourself up and get it done.

13) Poor people tend to eat more fast food than nutritious food

Fast food is convenient and cheap, so poor people tend to eat more of it for that reason, eating nutritious food is maybe a little more expensive, and takes more time to prepare and requires a bit of education on being able to cook and prepare, which is why the poorer people tend to take the easy route, as they tend to with all of the choices they make.

Rich people use nutritious food to fuel their mind and their body to plough through the day and make their lives successful, this is just one small but vial cog on the road to success so don’t neglect your health. Your body will re-pay you for decades.

This leads us to the 12th fact

12) Poor people neglect their health by not going to the gym and eating poorly, we have covered the nutrition aspect in the last fact but your health is more than just what you eat, it’s your mental well being it is your posture, it is how you take care of your skin and how you present yourself to the world.

They say your wealth is your health and this is true, you stand a far better chance of being successful if you take care of your health, and this also means how you present yourself, if you are neglecting your hygiene and how your look it will also impact the level of success you can achieve, dress for success and don’t neglect your health be it mind or body.

11) Poor people buy products which are on sale” why do you think these products are on sale? They are on sale because the shop wants them off the shelves to make way for what is now in fashion or what is now the bestselling product.

Now there is nothing wrong with grabbing a sale to save money, the problem is the mentality of the poor.

If something is normally $1000 and is on sale for $750 and you were not going to buy the product anyway because it was something you needed.

You didn’t save $250 you SPENT $750. This is a poor mindset.

This leads us onto the next habit of poor people

10) Poor people buy depreciating products on credit, or even worse, credit cards

Do you always carry a credit card in your wallet or purse? If so, I have news for you. You are probably poor. Rich people do not make use of credit cards and invest only in assets that are bound to generate profits for them. The next time you go out with your friends to a restaurant and use your credit card to pay the bill, be sure to keep that in mind.

9) Poor people spend money before they get it

Another common word for this: Credit. Poor people tend to seek bank loans, store cards and credit cards to comply to their temptations of buying a new product that they are able to show off.

For the rich, the strategy is simple. Earn and then spend, or use loans to buy assets and make money

Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vee has constantly emphasized on the significance of living below your means so that the extra income poses as your saving to ensure that you spend money after you earn it. Take notice of this.

8) Poor people always talk about starting a business or being successful but never follow through

Everybody has 24 hours in a single day. Where you are born in life is not your choice but what you do with your life certainly is. For the rich people, hustle is a common word embedded into their life dictionaries.

Each day they take out time to work on their ideas and concepts to try and bring them into reality. The poor, on the contrary, make excuses to not work on their ambitious ideas by not planning their days properly. This is all about Self-discipline.

7) Poor people think the World owes them a living

Let me tell you one thing: No body owes you anything! Rich people believe in self-help, self-dedication and consistency to walk towards achieving their goals in life while the poor just tend to sit on their couches waiting for things to happen or for someone to do it for them. Which brings us to our next point:

6) Poor people blame other people

While lethargy is a common aspect of poor people, their dependency of their desires to get accomplished on others causes them to blame people for the reasons of their failure in life.

Rich people analyze and learn from their mistakes rather than pointing fingers at the others and come stronger through the face of adversity. Learn and adapt. The blame game is far easier to play but usually gets you nowhere in life.

5) Poor people watch a lot of TV
If you are watching a lot of TV then you are probably poor, sorry to generalize but it’s the just the way it is, Rich people don’t sit around watching TV, and you know why Lamborginis aren’t advertised on TV? Because people who buy Lambourginis aren’t sat watching the TV.

People who watch too much TV are usually the same people who say they don’t have time to start a business or don’t have time to earn money on a side hustle.

If you are up to date on all of the latest TV programs – or even one or 2, the chances are you are broke.

The only exception to this is watching business based programs to help you improve your knowledge of business, and I am not talking suits, I am talking shark tank or Dragons Den.

Watching mindless reality TV programs only serves celebrities and lines their pockets with the gold, use this time you would use watching TV to make something work for you and put the gold in your pocket.


4) Poor people live pay check to pay check

Poor people have no ambitious plans and even if they do they are not working to invest the effort and money into it to move it forward. “Go with the flow” that’s the mantra of the poor.

They work for the rich 9-5pm and then tend to schedule their expenses to be exactly same to their monthly income – no savings, no investment. You see where the problem lies?

3) Poor people surround themselves with other poor people
You have heard the saying that you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with, this is why the poor stay poor as the people they spend the most time with are often as poor or if not poorer than them. and this means that you are not upping your game.

Start seeking out people who have what you want or are doing what you aspire to do and learn from them and claw your way to the top

Have you ever seen any of these people in the media complaining about welfare, well more often than not you will see them fitting in with the next thing that poor people do that the rich don’t

2) Poor people tend to have more kids and have them earlier on in life

Family planning is an integral part of one’s lifestyle. While the rich take on their early years to develop themselves as successful people before bringing in their kids into the world to offer them a better environment, the poor ‘just go for it’ which adds a huge financial burden on them in the starting years of their career which hampers their growth and progress in life.

Our final thing which poor people do that the rich don’t is

1- Poor people live for the weekend

Poor people trade 5 days of being a slave to money for 2 days of freedom, they are racing through the week to have those 2 days of freedom at the end so they can party, eat junk food, drink alcohol and god knows what else.

Trading 5 for 2 is not a great deal, if someone said you give me $5 on Monday then on Friday I will give you $2 back, you would think they are crazy, but that is what the poor are doing working a job they hate, trading 5 days of misery for 2 days of freedom. Come on prophets if you want the life you really deserve then you need to strive for it.

If any of the tips above apply to your life and circumstances then you need to flip them around and come out on top, take small steps wake up early for example and start working on your goals.

So Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success.

Because only the most dedicated of you will still be here at the end of this video we promised you a bonus tip, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy this bonus tip which could help you get to the next level.

“Poor people don’t invest money” It all starts with having money to invest in the first place, so this means cutting out unnecessary things such as smoking and drinking and eating out if you are struggling week to week with money.

If you are saving a little, rather than saving it invest it.

As the saying goes “save your money to put your money to sleep, invest your money to put your money to work” Rich people have money working for them.

Money sat in a savings account is dead, there are many places to invest money, including investing in yourself, the more you learn the more you earn.

We will make a video about this in the future, but for now just know that money is better invested than saved, how you invest the money is up to you.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success, if you made it to the end of this video let us know you are on the path to success with us by typing “Rich Mentality” in the comments below. See you next time.

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The 10 Biggest Bank Heists of All Time





Top 10 biggest bank heists of all time

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

In this video Prophets of Success will be sharing with you the stories of some real life bank heists.

Before we embark on this enthralling journey together, be sure to subscribe to Prophets of Success and hit the bell icon for updates on more awesome videos


Lets get straight into it.

10- The Great Train Robbery

In 1963, a train was en route from Glasgow to Buckinghamshire in the UK when the train suddenly came to a halt at a remote location.

The traffic signals indicated that the train driver should stop the train.

But little did the train driver know the signals had been rigged by a gang of 15 robbers.

As soon as the train came to a stop, the robbers entered the train and looted over $4.1 million from the Royal Mail train carriage which carried high-valued packages including the mother of all loot……  cash.

It was considered one of the most strategically executed robberies of the time and subsequently found itself into the plots of many action-based movies in the years to follow.

If you are interested in learning more about The Great Train Robbery we highly recommend this book, “The Great Train Robbery

9- Dunbar Robbery

This robbery took place with the help of the safety inspector of the company himself.

In 1997, the regional safety inspector of Dunbar gathered a group of 5 friends and strategically planned to ambush the security guards at a stocked cash drop vault.

The group was able to flee away with $18.9 million cash and although they were arrested shortly afterward, the money was never recovered.

8- Northern Bank

It was a quiet night in Belfast in 2004 as the bank managers of Northern Bank planned for their day ahead while at home with their families.

Suddenly, a men dressed in police uniforms turned up at their doorstep and made their way into their houses.

As soon as they were in, it was clear they were not police officers as they held the families at gunpoint and made their demands.

The next day the managers were allowed to return to work while their families were held at gunpoint in the custody of the robbers.

Towards the end of the working day, these managers let in the robbers into the Northern Bank where they succeeded in acquiring $41 million.

After their mission was accomplished, the robbers let their co-conspirators know and they left the managers’ families unharmed as promised.

7- Brink’s Mat Robbery

Heathrow Airport was functioning at its normal capacity when it was suddenly taken by a storm as a group of robbers broke in into the Brink’s Mat warehouse.

The gang forced entry and stole possessions worth over $41 million in November 1983, an amount worth many times that today.

The guard on the watch-out was involved in this heist and escaped with the burglars.

The police were on the look-out immediately and were successful in arresting them but the money was never heard of again.

6- British Bank

Yet another British burglary on our list.

In 1976, when the Civil war in Lebanon was at its peak, a gang associated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization stormed through the bank’s walls and cracked open the vault with the help of experienced locksmiths.

The result was rewarding for them. The gang walked away with $50 million worth of jewels, cash, stocks, and gold.

Quite a day for them, don’t you think?

5- Knightsbridge Vault Robbery

The “Professor” of real-life bank heists, Valerio Vicci had a reputation for bank-robbing throughout England.

He had committed over 50 robberies in his career before this one and had never once been caught.

In 1987, he decided to do it all over again.

He entered the bank as a citizen wanting to open a safety deposit box and with the help of his armed accomplices was able to disarm the manager and his security team and leave with $62 million.

4 -Banco Central Burglary


This particular heist took place in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2005.

The way the gang went about this robbery was inspirational for burglars for decades to come.

Firstly, they rented a commercial property in the heart of the city by posing themselves as landscapers.

After that, they built a 256-foot tunnel to a position beneath the bank and managed to steal $70 million.

3- Hatton Garden

Perhaps the largest burglary in the English history, the heist at London’s Hatton Garden in April 2015 resulted in a loss of $252 million from the vault.

Unsurprisingly, this stunt was pulled off by close coordination by a group of 6 professional burglars who were later caught and charged for their crime.

Even so, this heist stands as one of the most significant ones in the history of England.

2- Dar Es Salaam

Now we will talk about a burglary in a region that has been defined as the most famous war zone in movies globally – Baghdad.

Allegedly, the bank was robbed by the military roaming the streets of Iraq in those times to keep the situation secure and safe for its residents.

Of course, they did not think of that while taking away $282 million of public cash from the bank, and since they were in charge of handling things such as criminal investigations, there was no investigation of any sort whatsoever.

1- Central Bank of Iraq Robbery

The biggest heist in the history of mankind took place in Baghdad in 2003 when Saddam Hussein himself ordered the execution of the heist a few days before the Americans invaded the country.

Saddam moved this money through his son to various locations to avoid traceability but failed in doing so effectively.

Out of the $920 million looted, over $600 million was recovered by the Americans as they invaded one of Saddam’s property during a raid.

The heist, however, marks itself as one of the biggest in history

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “920 Million Dollar Heist” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber




justin bieber facts

12 Things about Justin Bieber you didn’t know

Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

It is said that if you have the talent and you work hard, you are bound to succeed in life. One practical example of this is the life of a singer worth $225 million at the age of 25.

A singer that started his career as a You Tuber, got discovered accidentally by the talent hunter Scooter Braun and sang for Barack Obama in the White House at the tender age of 13.

That’s right the topic of todays Video is Justin Bieber!

Born in Ontario, Canada on March 1st, 1994 Justin Bieber has witnessed stardom that most would dream of having in their teen years.

Being in the spotlight for so long, Justin Bieber’s life seems to be pretty much an open book to the general public: from his performance in the White House to breakup with Selena Gomez.

In today’s video, however, Prophets of Success will tell you 12 things about Justin Bieber you may have never heard of.

Before we embark on this enthralling journey together, be sure to subscribe to Prophets of success and click the bell icon to get updates on our latest videos.


Let’s get rolling then!

12- Claustrophobic

Imagine being a rock star having billions of fans across the globe and feeling uneasy in crowded and confined spaces.

Justin Bieber has to live through that every single day as he is surrounded by thousands of his fans wherever he goes – whether it be his concerts or just a daily stroll to the supermarket (though I am sure he is pretty well guarded at that instance).

Being claustrophobic and yet being one of the most popular singers having made over $100 million by selling music is a daunting task on its own and hats off for Justin to pull that off effectively.

11- Disney Land

Do you love Disney Land?

Well, Justin Bieber certainly does too.

He took his girlfriend to Disney Land on Valentine’s Day and has openly declared his praise for Lion King on Twitter.

A star for the world, the child inside Justin Bieber is still pretty much alive with his outspoken love for all things Disney.

10- Hair Locks

IHave you heard of the saying “money for old rope” well in this case its money for old hair!

After the rock star decided to change his looks and transform his hairstyle, he auctioned his hair locks on eBay for $12000!

If that sounds insane to you, let me tell you that it was sold for a whopping $46,000.

Justin used all the proceeds to donate to an animal rescue welfare society as a charity.

9- American Idol

A fan of the show, Bieber’s initial idea was to make himself known to the world by auditioning for the American Idol when he was 16.

Luckily for him, he got discovered 3 years before that through YouTube and had already become a worldwide sensation by the time he turned 16.

8- Will Smith

Justin Bieber idealizes the man who once said, “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do it. If you want it, go get it.” Yep, that’s right.

The famous Hollywood star Will Smith.

Bieber does not consider any other singer to be his mentor rather Will Smith holds that charge for him and according to Will they talk at least once a week.

7- Rubix Cube

Not just a showcase of phenomenal talent with his voice, Justin Bieber is also a beauty with brains and can solve a Rubix cube in less than 2 minutes.

Brains, beauty, and talent. This guy has all of it.

6- Amsterdam

In October 2016, Bieber went on to purchase a $28 million penthouse in Amsterdam which was the most expensive apartment on the entire Dutch market.

Guess who his neighbors are? The Dutch Royal Family themselves!

5- Birthday Gift

How many times have you been asked the question: What would you gift yourself if you had $10 million?

Bieber had the answer to that question ready as he bought himself a $10.8 million mansion on his 18th birthday in Los Angeles.

Quite a treat for transforming into an adult, isn’t it?

4- Banned in China

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture banned Justin Bieber from performing in China?

Can you guess what did to deserve this?


The reason for his ban was that he was considered a spoilt performer in the eyes of the management in charge of the Bureau and they banned him from entering their country to keep it ‘pure’.

The Chinese can do wonders sometimes, no doubt about that.

Already surprised by these facts about Justin?

Lets move to the top 3 things about Beiber we bet you didn’t know.

3- Sued

Claustrophobic in nature, Justin Bieber finally decided to cancel all his meet and greet sessions as he believed the expectations of his fans were too much from him.

This angered thousands of fans who had already purchased the high-priced VIP tickets costing $1800.

One lady went on to sue Justin Bieber for his breach of the legal contract and was awarded $5300 in the final ruling that went in her favor. 

2- Throwing Eggs

Bieber was charged with $80,900 after he decided to throw eggs at his neighbors’ house.

In 2014, Bieber decided to have a little fun with his friends by throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house damaging his property.

Bieber was recorded to have had a lot of fun that night but it was short-lasting for him.

The next day he was arrested and was charged for vandalism alongside paying a fine of $80,900 for his actions.

Bieber confessed to his crime and paid the price.

1- Leopard Print Audi R8

Whilst many of us dream of owning our dream car, Justin is already living that dream.

The superstar owns a Leopard Print Audi R8 along with a Ferrari, Prado, and many other cars already parked in his garage.

Justin initially decided to cover both the exterior and the interior of the car with leather skin and posted his pictures with his car on social media creating a new hype.

Although he had an extensive car collection already, this particular car stood out due to its unique look.

Later, Justin got tired of the exterior look and got it painted to black but the interior of the luxury car remains of the leopard print. How cool is that?

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, if you made it this far type “Belieber” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

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The 10 Craziest Things Purchased by Celebrities




Hello everyone, thank you for joining the Prophets of Success, a channel where the most successful people come to up their game.

So Prophets, being rich and famous sure has its obvious perks.

Apart from the love you get in from your fans, you can use your wealth to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Despite having a public image to protect, throughout history, celebrities have spent crazy sums of money purchasing unusual stuff.

In today’s video, Prophets of Success will be going over the 10 craziest things purchased by celebrities that attracted global attention.

Before we reveal these craziest things, be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to get regular updates on more amazing and mindboggling videos.


Let’s get rolling then!

10- Lady Gaga’s Ghosts

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Well, Lady Gaga most certainly did, or she wouldn’t have ever spent such hefty amounts to protect her.

Lady Gaga, hired ghost busters and paranormal experts who advised her to buy an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader which would help her detect the presence of the ghosts.

This device cost her $50,000 since she wanted the absolute best equipment money could buy. $50,000 to protect yourself from ghosts?

Sure Why not!

9- Elton John’s Flowers

For many girls out there, flowers are considered to be an ultimate show of affection from someone who loves them.

Elton John loved flowers as much as you do. Perhaps, even a little more.

To be precise, Elton spent 293,000 British pounds in less than two years on flowers alone!

God only knows if he was building a floral garden or something, but that certainly is a lot of money to be spending on flowers.

When questioned about his actions, Elton remarked, “It is my money, I shall spend it in whatever way I choose to.”

Fair enough, but just a heads-up for the girls who love flowers more than anything else in the world; you have competition boys.

8- Bono’s Hat

If you love the rock band U2, then surely you know the front man Bono.

Bono went to extreme measures to take his favorite hat on vacation and spent $1,700 for a plane ticket for his hat since it only travels first class and needs the traveling insurance.

Yep, he gave the privilege of first-class travel to his hat that most of us wouldn’t have the chance to witness as human beings.

How crazy is that?

7- Akon’s Diamond Mine

For most of us, this would be the ultimate dream in life: to own our own diamond mine.

Akon fulfilled this fantasy of his and ended up spending large sums of money (the amount of which is unrevealed) to purchase one to his name.

The singer, who insists that the mine is legitimate and doesn’t sell conflict diamonds, said that the mine was “pretty expensive,” but that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

When faced with a backlash against his purchase Akon told The Independent, “I don’t even believe in conflict diamonds. That’s just a movie.” He may or may not be right in this regard but one thing is for certain, it will be classified as one of the craziest thing he has spent money on in his portfolio.

6- Beyonce’s Leggings

The global superstar has always spent her money generously on herself. But she also bought her husband a private jet valued at $50 million which would help the two get faster to their gigs.

However, her craziest spending was witnessed at her performance at the BET Awards in 2007 when her gold embellished Balenciaga leggings were witnessed by the world.

Beyonce spent $100,000 on these leggings. So much for wearing them for one night.

5- Paris Hilton’s Dog House

Paris is a huge fan of pets and a dog lover in particular. But she seems to be on a whole new level of affection for her dogs when it comes to spending.

Back in 2009, Paris Hilton paid no less than $325,000 for a custom designer dog-house which replicated her own home right down to the barest of details including the mini designer furniture, heating, air conditioning, and the chandelier.

This certainly does not mean that the superstar left her dog with her in a stranded home. She always carried the dog with her which means the house was never even needed in the first place.

4- Celine Dion’s Air Purifier

Certainly, a lot of us may be a fan of the amazing vocals of Celine Dion. Her voice is so unique and perfect, right? Ever wondered why. To pamper her vocal cords while training them, Celine needed a humidifier which mostly vocalists need. No biggie.

What is big is that while an average vocalist spends around $200 on purchasing one, Celine went as far as spending $2 million on the air purifier.

Slightly above the market price? Yeah, we think so too.

Surprised by this 2 million dollar air purifier? Wait till you see the number 1 craziest thing purchased by a celebrity. It will blow you away.

3- Nicolas Cage’s Comics

Nicolas Cage has never lived a simple lifestyle since he became rich. The Hollywood star owns 2 yachts, 50 exotic cars, 12 mansions, 1 Gulfstream jet, a 28-room Bavarian castle, 2 islands in the Bahamas as well as a Lamborghini owned by the Iranian shah. He also owns a dinosaur skull after going into competition with Leonardo Di Caprio and emerging successful after paying $276,000.

A pretty diverse collection, right?  His most insane spending ever, however, was spending $1 million for a comic book collection that ended up getting stolen.

Luckily for Nicolas, he recovered it and sold it immediately making a profit of $1.1 million.

2- Mike Tyson’s Tigers

For his love of the species, the boxing legend bought 2 Bengal Tigers to serve as his pets for $70,000 each.

Tyson spent $200,000 annually on the food intake of these tigers and as he traveled extensively for work he had to leave behind a certified tiger tamer that cost him approximately $125,000 a year.

His love for the species is well appreciated but it is also true that they drained his bank account and this purchase can be classified as one of the craziest ever made in history.

And if you liked this fact about Iron Mike check out our link in the description to the video about how Mike Tyson went from $300 million in the bank to broke.

And that leads us into our final craziest celebrity splurge ,,,, and that could be no other than *pause*

1- Donald Trump

The current President of the United States of America is one of the richest men alive.

No doubt about that. He has built an empire of his own through his careful investing strategies. He did, however, deviate from his rational spending approaches on certain occasions to just show off his luxury to the general public.

Ever wondered, what if Donald Trump gets bored with his cars and the deluxe helicopters?

Thankfully, he has catered to that threat by purchasing a $100 million private jet for himself.

His personal Boeing 757 is amongst the most valuable and powerful private planes to exist on the surface of the earth. The 8th most expensive plane in the world (also known as Trump Force One) features a lounge, a dining room, a guest room, a 24-karat gold plated washroom sink, and a master bedroom for the billionaire Trump himself.

Almost everything on the jet is made out of pure gold and the plane itself is a technical wonder with a state of the art computerized glass cockpit. Since he travels mostly on official planes, a rule for serving presidents, this is considered to be one of the craziest most expensive things ever purchased by any celebrity.

We have another video for you that covers 10 other things that Donald Trump has purchased which you wont believe, check out the link in the description below.

Hey Prophets you stayed until the end and that can only mean one thing, you are destined for success, so if you made it this far type “The million dollar comic book” in the comments below so we know who made it to the end.

Until next time Prophets, thanks for watching and keep on striving for success.

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